About The Karnataka School of Preaching & Missions

Fulfilling the biblical command to “…… go and make disciples of all nations….” (Matt. 28:19-20) is the primary goal of KSPM. IDN encourages and helps Indian Christians to BE DISCIPLES so that they may MAKE DISCIPLES in obedience to this command from Jesus. KSPM students must be self-supporting. Financial support is provided only for the transportation costs and “board and lodging” at the school. The school is free of charge, supported by IDN and others who are committed to the evangelization of India.

After the completion of KSPM-1 in 2010, Jacob formed teams of experienced and dedicated preachers and teachers to visit each of the congregations of the 50 preachers trained during the past ten years. Those visits were generally one week long and included Bible classes for members and the community as well. Evening meetings were outreach-oriented to introduce the community to the teachings of Jesus. Such events are called Mobile Bible Schools (MBS). Local members were strengthened and grew in faith. Many non-Christians were converted and added to the local church. Contacts were also made for future follow up by the local church.

As you might expect, some opposition by the Hindu community often arises. This opposition and the attendant persecution is lovingly accepted and addressed. Many times the presence of the church in the community is improved by the biblical response to this opposition.   Most people respond better to “seeing a sermon” than “hearing one”. Indians by nature are very loving, hospitable and patient. These qualities, enhanced by biblical teaching, make them obviously different from the community in which they live. They are BEING DISCIPLES.

KSPM-2 concentrates on the Missions aspect of “preaching and missions” by preparing Indian Christians (mostly trained preachers) and their families to move into distant communities where Christianity is little known and less tolerated. Southern India, where we have concentrated our efforts in the past, is the Indian “Bible Belt”. Few churches exist in the northern part of India and neighboring countries.

These dedicated men and their families will become “Missionaries” to their own people and their global neighbors. Strong opposition and persecution is expected. These families are specifically trained in how to respond to persecution and even death for the cause of Christ. They desire and deserve our prayers and support.


Please partner with us as we share the Gospel of Christ with loving people who desire to share the Good News with the lost.



Plan for the future

graduates of KSPM-2 will work closely with three Bangalore churches, IDN and Missions Resource Network (MRN) in the Global Launch Site (GLS) efforts to spread the gospel to their region of the world.

They also receive special training in the use of “access ministries” such as drilling water wells to provide clean drinking water for the church and communities where the water sources are unclean and unsafe. Caring for widows, orphaned/abandoned children and single parents demonstrates the love of God and the concern of the local church, while providing access to families in the community to study the Bible. These missionaries will become members of their newly adopted community.

How you can help

Pray for the missionaries in training to be courageous and trust in God for their very lives. Their faith and commitment will be challenged.

Financial support is also needed to provide Bibles and training materials in various languages. Some financial assistance may be needed to relocate the missionary families. To help with these needs please make donations to the KSPM Fund.

TPG Christian School

Who We Serve

Karnataka School of Preaching & Missions

deco1KSPM was established in 2000 in Bangalore. Through 2010, KSPM-1 trained more than 50 preachers. KSPM-2 now trains missionaries rather than local preachers. Preparing men and their families to move to unfamiliar, often hostile areas is the challenge for the future.

Brookshire Memorial
Children’s Home

deco1BMCH has served orphaned children since 2005. There is a waiting list of orphans needing a home. A new building was recently completed to house more children and also serves as the meeting place for the local church.

Bethany Girls Home

deco1Many girls are abandoned by their families in India. And it’s culturally accepted due to the liability of raising a girl. Fifty-two of these abandoned girls receive the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual attention they need…

TPG Christian School

deco1TPG Christian School was started in 1989 by Jacob Chukka to provide quality Christian education for poor students who might not otherwise be able to get an education. Each student studies the Bible every day introducing them to the way of the Lord.

Water Wells

deco1Providing safe drinking water offers a demonstration of the love of God and the love of the local church in the community. These borewells are often referred to as “Jesus wells.” Jesus becomes known and God is honored.