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IDN Mission Statement

To take the Christian gospel message to all of India

IDN strives to connect Indian Christians to training, education, and equip both adults and young people to BE disciples and to MAKE disciples. IDN actively collaborates with private and public sector partners in southern India for ongoing projects providing the basic necessities of life, including clean, safe drinking water and primary education. Support is provided for schools, orphanages and rescue efforts for abandoned girls. Our model partnerships with both Indian and American individuals, churches and other organizations have helped us to establish and operate five distinct ministries. We want to change the way we embrace our global neighbors one person and thus, one village at a time.

Our Name, “India Discipleship Network”


“Therefore go…”
India has a current population of over 1.2 billion souls, second in the world only to China and quickly  becoming  the  most  populated country on earth. This staggering number is a clear indication of the need to share  God’s love with others.


“…and make disciples baptizing them…”
IDN’s goal is to support, train and encourage the people of India to carry the saving message of the cross throughout their country… and beyond. IDN helps adults and young people BE disciples and then to MAKE disciples.


We partner with other ministries to provide the tools and encouragement for Indian Christians to carry out God’s mission in their own country and surrounding regions. We offer ourselves and our resources to encourage, facilitate and accelerate the work of the Indian mission.

What We Do

India Discipleship Network (IDN) is the result of over 40 years of evangelizing in India. Ray Hooper, President, accompanied by many others, has made more than 35 short-term trips to India during that time. We have developed a native team of trained and experienced evangelists, led by Jacob Chukka, who coordinates preacher training, discipleship training programs and encouraging self-supporting preachers and churches in South India. Since Indians have the language skills (there are 23 different languages spoken in India) and the benefit of understanding the culture, they are much more effective in preaching and teaching than Americans. IDN exists to support their efforts and encourage expansion into neighboring countries.

In our target country of India, IDN provides our Indian brethren with the following types of assistance:

  • Access to training materials and seminars
    – Discovery Bible Study (DBS)
    – Disciple Making Movement (DMM)
    – NewLife Behavior International (NLBI)
    – Garden of Praise – website and training
  • Developing a “Global Launch Site” to evangelize surrounding nations
  • Encouragement and mentoring
  • Financial assistance with special projects
  • Water wells in remote areas
  • Bibles and study materials in Telugu and Kannada

The Next Chapter

IDN’s principal goal has always been to help the Indian Christians become self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating. Access Ministries such as the TPG Christian School, Bethany Girls Home, Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home and the Water Wells Project will continue to prepare children, youth and adults to become productive disciples in God’s Kingdom.

IDN recently partnered with Missions Resource Network (MRN) to establish a Global Launch Site (GLS) in India. The churches in Bangalore have accepted the task of preparing missionaries to go into all of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal with the gospel of Christ. These native missionaries are trained in the knowledge of the Bible and exhibit the love of Christ for others. They will also confidently face persecution and possible death in the name of Jesus. A waiting list of applicants indicates that many Indian Christians are serious about their faith and willing to take the good news to their lost neighbors, even under life threatening circumstances.

IDN Board Members

Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper

Vice President
Kathy Hooper

Kathy Hooper

Jacob Chukka & wife Asi

Jacob Chukka & wife Asi

IDN’s India Advisor/Co-Worker
Dudley Brookshire

Dudley Brookshire

Tyler, Tx Area Representative
Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett

Patsy Stevens

Patsy Stevens

Women & Children’s Ministries

Our Partners

Missions Resource Network


Healing Hands International


Garden of Praise


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