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2015 is proving to be very eventful and rewarding. Please continue to pray for us and the dedicated Christians in India.


Reino Support Continues

Our friends at Reino Capital continue to support our efforts to take the gospel to India. Their motto is; ”Your Message – Our Mission”. They have done an exceptional job of helping us prepare stationary, logos, business cards, a great brochure and now the website. The website is awesome. It is designed and built by Rie Vali, a professional web developer. Chad Tyson did the video for the home page. Launch is scheduled for October 15, 2015. www.indiadiscipleshipnetwork.org. We are very grateful to Rod Nealeigh and Rob Poynor for their role in coordinating all the efforts to help IDN get our message out. You 2 guys and a girl rock!!!!


TPG Christian School

An anonymous donor gave $35,000 to the TPG Christian School Fund to help upgrade the program and hire a Physical Ed teacher as required by the recent re-accreditation site visit. Additional uniforms were also provided for all students. Four computer stations were added to the Computer Lab. Other projects are under consideration to improve the educational outcomes for the students.


Bethany Girls Home

Another family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has pledged a total of $40,000 to increase the capacity of Bethany Girls Home to include additional abandoned girls. During the research for this project, we learned that a national highway is planned through the location of the current facility and may very well require a move. Confirmation of this new highway, and the exact location, is still not completely verified by government officials. Research is under way to locate a suitable and affordable site for the construction of a new, larger facility. The task is complicated by the fact that the Guntur area was chosen for the location of the state capitol of Andhra Pradesh after the division of the state into two states. The original capitol of AP, Hyderabad was included in the new state of Telangana. So, Guntur was chosen as the location for the new capitol for AP. The price of land, labor and materials has skyrocketed.


Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home

Dean & Maurine Brookshire’s two sons, are planning to go to India with me in late January 2016. They will evaluate the conditions and needs at the Children’s Home while meeting the staff and the children. We are aware of crowded conditions even in the newly completed building.


Bangalore – Launch Site

Each year the teachers and staff at TPG Christian School identify about 50 students whose parents are so poor they cannot afford the school uniforms. The cost for two sets of uniforms is about $20 U.S. which is about 1200 Rupees in their economy. The typical laborer makes about 100 Rupees per day. So it takes 12 days of income to provide two uniforms for one student. If the family has two or more students it is virtually impossible for them to provide the “dresses” for them. (Does it seem weird to call the boy’s clothing “dresses”? Just remember, even in America men get up and get “dressed” in the morning.)

The Saturn Road Missions Committee provided the funds to purchase the uniforms for 50 students in 2013 and again in 2014. We will never know what an impact that gift has upon the students and the families who receive them. But God knows and that is what counts.


2016 India Trip Plans

Tentative plans include being in India the last week of January and the first week of February, 2016. Gabe Fisher is not able to go with us this trip due to a new baby due around the first of February. Dudley and Herbert Brookshire are planning to go. One additional teacher is considering, but cannot commit at this time.

We will spend time in Bangalore teaching in the current session of KSPM and following up on the Launch Site training Mark and his team are doing this month. We will provide additional training and encouragement for the Bangalore Christians and the Launch Site efforts. Then we will visit TPG School, Bethany Girls Home and Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home. We will also visit churches where new water wells have been drilled to observe the effectiveness of outreach using the clean and safe water provided by the “Jesus wells”. In 2014 we drilled 3 wells. So far in 2015 we have drilled 5 wells and two more are funded. We hope to drill up to ten wells this year for churches and villages where clean water is not available.


God continues to prepare the hearts of many good people in India to receive His gospel message. Even in light of the accelerating persecution we are seeing “persons of peace” coming to the Lord. We count it a special privilege to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and the lost in this great nation. If you would like to help please contact us.

IDN is a 501(c)3 organization making all donations or contributions tax deductible. We appreciate your prayers and your financial support. God bless.

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