Breaking News — 501(c)3 status approved!!

On October 21, 2014, we received notice from the IRS that our application for a 501(c)3 exemption for IDN has been approved. That is a very important credential for raising funds and establishing IDN as a credible non-profit organization.


INDIA Global Launch Site (GLS) Launched

In mid-October Mark and Kyle Hooper went to India to culminate the plans to create a GLS in India. The Bangalore churches agreed to be the GLS for India and surrounding nations. The elders and leaders of the churches in Bangalore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to define the activities of each organization. The Bangalore churches will direct all evangelistic efforts and train missionaries to be sent out, while Missions Resource Network (MRN) and IDN will provide training, backup and support for their efforts. We believe this is the right time for taking the gospel to India and beyond, and we believe the Indians are best positioned to do so.


Our Thanks to Reino Capital

Earlier this year we received an in-kind grant to help get our message out more effectively. Reino Capital helped us create a logo, then developed business cards and stationary for IDN. They even provided the first order of 500 to get us started right. They are currently helping us create a new Brochure describing IDN and the work we do in India. Our next project with them is the IDN website development. Our thanks to God for this great gift and to the folks at Reino for their dedication in helping us get the IDN message out. Their motto is “Your Message is Our Mission.” THANKS Rod, Rob and Natalia!


Borewells Make a Big Difference

Clean and safe drinking water is taken for granted here in the USA, but not so in many parts of the world. One of the places where clean water is scarce is the great nation of India. To help the Christians in the most seriously affected areas, and through the generosity of American Christians, we have been able to provide three wells (the Indians call them “borewells”) in 2014. Two wells have been completed and one is under way after being delayed by the recent hurricane on the eastern coast. All three will be fully functional by the end of the year, Lord willing. These wells are drilled by local drillers and fitted with a submersible electric pump and a storage tank. The cost of each well is $3,000. They are drilled on the property of the local church of Christ, providing water for the members as well as the community. They are often referred to as “Jesus Wells”, giving the local church the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to their neighbors by sharing this precious gift. That gives them an opportunity to share information about another precious gift from God…..salvation.


TPG Christian School Re-Accredited

Private Schools in India must be re-evaluated and re-accredited every four years. The TPG Christian School just completed that expensive process and was re-accredited for another four years. The School continues to enjoy great support and appreciation from the community as well as the government. More than 500 children attend this free school. Most are from very poor families and would likely not get an education without this School. They study the Bible every day from grades K-10. They consistently score near the top of the State-administered standardized tests. By studying the Word of God every day, many students make the decision to become disciples. They also influence parents to consider the Bible as a guide for daily life. Nearly half of the members of the six churches in town are the product of their connection with the School. This School has been a beacon to those in darkness for nearly a quarter century. We truly appreciate those of you who sacrifice monthly to provide the salaries for these dedicated teachers. They still only make about half what the government paid teachers are paid, but with your help we have been able to more than double their salaries in the past two years.


Students get new “Dresses”

Each year the teachers and staff at TPG Christian School identify about 50 students whose parents are so poor they cannot afford the school uniforms. The cost for two sets of uniforms is about $20 U.S. which is about 1200 Rupees in their economy. The typical laborer makes about 100 Rupees per day. So it takes 12 days of income to provide two uniforms for one student. If the family has two or more students it is virtually impossible for them to provide the “dresses” for them. (Does it seem weird to call the boy’s clothing “dresses”? Just remember, even in America men get up and get “dressed” in the morning.)

The Saturn Road Missions Committee provided the funds to purchase the uniforms for 50 students in 2013 and again in 2014. We will never know what an impact that gift has upon the students and the families who receive them. But God knows and that is what counts.

Christmas in India

Children in India, like children around the world, love Christmas. The 52 girls at the Bethany Girls Home and the 13 children at the Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home are no exception. We try to provide each one a gift from Christians in America. Because their culture is so different from ours it is difficult to buy a gift in America that is both useful and appropriate. So, our solution is to provide the funds for each child to have a nice gift and let the House Parents or Staff choose the gifts. We will be sending those funds on December 1st. If you would like to contribute to that effort please see Ray or send your contribution to Mike Garrett at Patton Lane church of Christ, P.O. Box 120097, Tyler, TX 75712 with a note that it is for the India Christmas Fund. You may make your check out to the Patton Lane church of Christ or to IDN.

Coming Up…

  • The Karnataka School of Preaching and Missions (KSPM) will resume operation in January 2015. After training over 50 local preachers in the past 14 years and following up with additional training and mentoring, Jacob has now arranged to restart the School to train missionaries to help with the GLS outreach efforts to take the gospel to all of India and beyond. The first “batch” has been selected and will begin studies in January. The program requires two years to complete.
  • The next planned India trip is scheduled for early January 2015. Gabe Fisher sponsored by the Elliott Street church in Breckenridge, TX will accompany Ray on a two-week itinerary, including visits to each of the ministries mentioned above. Gabe will also teach a series in the KSPM curriculum while in Bangalore. We will follow up on the launch of the GLS, encouraging the leaders to be visionary and aggressive in their plans to evangelize India and surrounding nations. A special Preachers Seminar is planned during our stay in TPG.

What God is Doing In India

is the title of a booklet giving a brief history of the life and work of Jacob Chukka and his family. It describes the development of the various ministries and the association with Ray for the past 40 years. You may request a copy of this booklet with your donation to IDN (any amount). We will also send you a copy of the new brochure when it is completed.

We believe that God is working behind the scenes to create “a field white unto harvest” in India. Using Discovery Bible Study (DBS), the New Life Behavior International (NLBI) curriculum and Patsy Stevens’ Garden of Praise children’s material, the Indian Christians are poised to make an impact on the second largest population on earth. MRN and IDN will provide encouragement, training and support as needed to ensure their success. Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers. If you cannot GO, then please consider providing funds for those who can or for the Indians to carry on the ministries already in place.

How you can help

The following ministries need your prayerful support:

  • KSPM operational funds – $400/mo. starting in January 2015.
  • TPG Christian School Teachers salary increases – $550/mo. starting in January 2015.
  • India Christmas Fund for 65 children – at $15/child = $975 – needed by December 1, 2014.
  • Sponsor an abandoned girl at Bethany Girls Home – $50/month. (Ask Ray for details.) Three borewells in 2015 at $3,000 each.
  • Travel funds for India trips.
  • Donate good used household items, furniture, tools, toys, books, electronics, etc. for resale to help support the above mentioned ministries. Such donations are income tax deductible. Contact Ray for details or to arrange for pickup of your items.

But most of all you can pray for the more than one billion lost souls in India and for the Christians who are dedicating their lives to telling the old, old story. Keep India on your prayer list all year long.

Thank You!

…on behalf of the people of India (especially the children);
…for your interest and participation in the work in India;
…for being a regular donor (if you are not, we invite you to become one).

IDN is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

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