What God is doing in India

2014 has already been a very eventful year for IDN and the work in India. We continue to see the hand of God in the efforts to expand the Kingdom in this great nation. Following is a brief description of some of the major events and activities God has sent our way.


Jacob Recovers from a Heart Attack

In December 2013 Jacob suffered a heart attack while traveling in AP. We thank God that successful surgery and the placing of a stent in the clogged artery resolved the problem. After three full months of rehab and recovery he is back to “normal” duties, however, “normal” now includes limited travel and a lighter workload of preaching engagements. We are grateful for the prayers of brethren all over the world for the complete recovery of Jacob and his extended life to continue the work in India.


Grant from Reino Capital approved

In March IDN submitted a grant request to Reino Capital to provide marketing and development services for IDN. We requested assistance in “branding” and development of logos and other materials for use in correspondence, fund raising and development of a new website. The grant request was approved and work began in early April.

Reino’s mission statement: “To facilitate and accelerate the effectiveness of existing ministries that already have a productive work in the spreading of the good news found in Jesus. This means to create a higher consciousness and awareness of God’s work and to make groups or people more noticeable as they do God’s work.”

Be watching for our “new look” in the near future.

Establishing a Global Launch Site (GLS) in India

In keeping with the IDN stated goal of assisting Indians in the process of taking the gospel of Jesus to all of India and beyond, we are in discussion with the local churches and Christian leaders in Bangalore to become a Global Launch Site (GLS). Under the guidance of Missions Resource Network (MRN), a special planning meeting is scheduled during the 2014 Asia Mission Forum (AMF) in July. Three young preachers from India will attend that Conference in Cambodia to participate in a meeting to discuss the importance and strategy of a GLS. Dan Bouchelle, President of MRN, is the keynote speaker for the AMF. He, along with Mark Hooper, MRN Asia Coordinator, and Ray Hooper, President of IDN, will outline the procedure for establishing a GLS. Major emphasis will be placed on the importance of this effort being an INDIAN endeavor regarding vision, responsibility, funding and outcomes. Each entity (Bangalore churches, MRN and IDN) will have specific responsibilities outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The actual launch of the Indian GLS is anticipated for October, 2014. The intent of this effort is to expand the Kingdom of God among the more than one billion people in India.


New Fund Raising effort under way

Our previous semi-annual Benefit Sales have been very useful in raising necessary funds to support the work in India. In 2013 we raised nearly $10,000 during three such sales. Donated items (new or used) were sold with 100% of the proceeds going to support the various ministries in India (IDN is an all-volunteer organization). Several limitations in the process caused us to evaluate other potential solutions. The problems of storage, multiple handling and adequate location for the sales contributed to the need for a change.

In March we rented an “open stall” space at the Hunt County Trade Center, near Quinlan TX, and took a small trailer load of sale items for a one day sale to “test the waters”. After a very successful day, we inquired about the availability of a 20’ X 30’ lockable unit with an additional 20’ X 20’ covered sales area. We were informed that they were all booked up with a waiting list. A later inquiry, however, revealed an empty space available, so we rented it immediately. Our first sale date was April 5. We are very grateful to a team of wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly to get the unit ready for opening day. The Center is open every weekend. See our schedule and further details on page 3.

This lockable facility allows us to store the donated items and sell them “onsite” reducing the amount of handling required. The cost is reasonable considering the need for storage anyway and the reduced handling of merchandise is a valuable bonus. The rental agreement is month-to-month so we can change the plan at any time.


Elliott Street church in Breckenridge, TX to fund new facility near Bangalore

Jacob has been searching for a suitable facility in or near Bangalore to buy or lease. This facility would serve several functions. It would be a meeting place for a local church as well as the location for a Children’s Home to care for orphans and widows. Jacob has long wanted to establish a Children’s Home and is encouraged by several dedicated Christians in Bangalore who are products of a previous Home Jacob directed for 11 years. They have agreed to assist in the operation of the new Home in order to “give back” in response to the Christian care they received.

This facility would also be the training center for the Karnataka School of Preaching and Missions (KSPM). From 2000 to 2008 more than 50 preachers were trained by KSPM and are now serving local congregations all over South India. They are all self-supporting and doing very effective works. Jacob wants to resume the KSPM classes, but with an emphasis on training Missionaries rather than local preachers. This effort will coordinate with the plans to create an Indian Global Launch Site in Bangalore.

Property in Bangalore is completely unaffordable for purchase or lease. A property about 90 miles south of Bangalore has been located near the city of Mysore. It includes a relatively new church building and a two–story house on 8900 square feet of land. The property is currently not for sale, but the owner is willing to lease it for five years with the option to renew the lease or negotiate to purchase. Leasing in India is totally different from leasing in America. In India, leasing requires a large amount of cash up front, but no monthly payments during the lease. And at the end of the lease period you get your initial investment back. In this case the owner requires one million Rupees (about $17,000 in USD). When returned at the end of the lease the funds may be used to renew the lease or apply toward purchasing the property.

We are very grateful to the elders of the Elliott Street church in Breckenridge, TX for considering this important opportunity and agreeing to provide the funds. They are longtime supporters of Jacob and his work in India. The impact of this facility for the glory of God will be felt all over India and beyond. Please pray for Jacob and his team of preachers, teachers and workers during this transition period.

How you can help us expand God’s Kingdom in India

  • Please pray for the Lord’s church in India and the workers there. They live and work in poor and often dangerous conditions, relying on God for protection and provision. Your prayers and your financial support make a big difference.
  • If you have saleable items to donate please contact Ray Hooper for pickup. We take anything from cars to tools, furniture, appliances, sports equipment, antiques, household items or anything of value. You are also invited to shop our “Benefit Store” at Hunt County Trade Center – 9065 FM 751 Quinlan, TX 75474. Unit Number 16.
    Hours: Saturday 8 am to 5 pm. Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm.
  • If you would like to make a monthly or one-time tax deductible contribution to the ongoing work of spreading the gospel in India, please send your check to:

    Mike Garrett, Patton Lane Church of Christ: P.O. Box 120097 Tyler, TX 75712
    IDN: 1070 E. FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098

    You may choose to directly support daily operations of:
    • TPG Christian School
    • Bethany Girls Home
    • Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home

    To contribute to the special needs of the above projects and/or to provide training, travel and capital needs for the India work.

Get Involved In What God Is Doing In India!

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