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India Discipleship Network (IDN) was founded in 2011 to assist the efforts under way to expand the Kingdom of God in India and other parts of Asia. The primary mission of IDN is to provide discipleship training seminars in India, encourage and support disciple making in three ongoing “access ministries” currently under the oversight of the Patton Lane church of Christ in Tyler, TX.

Those ministries are:

  • The TPG Christian School (TPG)
  • The Bethany Girls Home (Bethany)
  • The Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home (BMCH)

Most of the monthly operational needs for all three projects are currently being provided by churches and individuals like you. IDN provides additional funding if there is a “shortfall” or some emergency special need not covered by the regular monthly support.


An example of such a special need occurred in 2012-2013. During our India trip in 2012 we again reminded that the teachers and staff at the TPG Christian School were seriously underpaid and hurting financially. After some further investigation we learned that:

  • The school employs 16 teachers and 5 non-teaching staff plus 3 administrators.
  • The salary of 5 of the teachers is paid by the AP government.
  • The salary of the other 11 teachers, 5 staff and 3 administrators is provided from America.
  • The average salary of the 5 government paid teachers was between $500 and $600/mo.
  • The average salary of the 11 other teachers was between $80 and $100/mo.
  • The teachers were all doing an excellent job even under such disparity.

We discussed the needs of the teachers with Jacob and the TPG Christian School Board for verification and their recommendation. They suggested a one-time gift to all the teachers and staff and a substantial increase in the salaries of the non-government paid (n-gp) teachers. Since IDN had already received a special unrestricted gift, it was determined to provide every n-gp employee a “bonus” equal to one month of their current salary as a token of appreciation. We also were able to essentially double the salaries of the n-gp teachers and substantially increase the salaries of the non-teaching staff. A smaller increase was given to the 3 administrators. This commitment was for one year only (Sept. 2012-Sept. 2013) since the special gift was not expected to be ongoing. However, other unrestricted gifts were made during 2013 making it possible to extend the increase through 2013.

During the 2013 India trip we again interviewed the teachers, Jacob and the Board about the teacher’s needs and salaries. Even though the doubling of their salaries in 2013 was a true blessing, they were still significantly short of what they needed to maintain their families. And they were still receiving less than half of the salaries of the government paid teachers.

Based on this information we asked the Board and Jacob to make a recommendation for additional increases beginning January 2014. After a review of each of the employees and their job description, they made individual salary increase recommendations. The result was that the n-gp teachers would receive an average of 44% increase in their salary and the non-teaching staff and administrators would receive a 14% increase. The IDN Board of Directors reviewed and approved this plan committing to raise the necessary funds to implement it. If sufficient funds are not raised, the “shortfall” will be provided from the IDN general fund.

We simply believe the dedicated teachers at TPG School deserve a living wage after many years of sacrifice. The increased morale and level of commitment is easily observable on campus. We also believe, and the teachers certainly believe, that God is providing for them. They are living examples of the providence of God and often express their gratitude to others.

The TPG Christian School is a ministry dedicated to the spread of the gospel in India through the process of teaching children and families the truth of the Bible. Evidence over the past 22 years seems to bear that out. We are encouraged by the attitude we see in the Board of TPG Christian School. They have committed to accept more of the financial responsibilities along with the vision and planning for the future. This School, and the evangelism it provides, must become a self-supported INDIAN entity. They want that and we believe God is guiding that effort. In the meantime, thank you for your support and encouragement for this work.


The girls at Bethany continue to do well and respond to the loving care of Prem and Kumari. Some unexpected temporary funding has come to Bethany and Prem is not required to raise additional operational funds each month. We are pleased with this new source, but recognize that it is only temporary. We are in the process of developing a new opportunity for supporting one or more of the girls monthly. That will relieve some of the financial burden they have been feeling. Watch for an announcement soon about that new program.

The Brookshire Memorial Children’s Home continues to function with the support of individuals and churches in the Tyler area. The contributions of IDN to help complete the building, was a great help and they are now in the new facility. The church that meets there is also growing and having a good influence in the community.

The semi-annual IDN Benefit Sale provides funds for the IDN general Fund to be able to provide needed support for operational needs as well as special needs as they arise. The Spring 2014 Benefit Sale is being planned and will be announced soon.

Thank you for your continued support of the work God is doing in India. We appreciate you.

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