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Who We Serve

Brookshire Memorial
Children’s Home

deco1BMCH has served orphaned children since 2005. There is a waiting list of orphans needing a home. A new building was recently completed to house more children and also serves as the meeting place for the local church.

Bethany Girls Home

deco1Many girls are abandoned by their families in India. And it’s culturally accepted due to the liability of raising a girl. Fifty-two of these abandoned girls receive the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual attention they need…

TPG Christian School

deco1TPG Christian School was started in 1989 by Jacob Chukka to provide quality Christian education for poor students who might not otherwise be able to get an education. Each student studies the Bible every day introducing them to the way of the Lord.

Water Wells

deco1Providing safe drinking water offers a demonstration of the love of God and the love of the local church in the community. These borewells are often referred to as “Jesus wells.” Jesus becomes known and God is honored.

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  • Ray HooperRay Hooper

    " Therefore go and make
    disciples of all nations, baptizing them...”

    "Children are taught biblical principles so they may become the next generation of disciples and disciple makers."